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AMDA presents Australia’s largest and most prominent industry events that contribute to the development of Australian trade and capability in the national interest, on a global stage.

They connect key players in Australian government, defence, industry and academia with each other and with their counterparts from around the world and include:

Unique to Australia in their size, program and level of local and international participation, AMDA’s trade events combine:

  • Exhibitions that fill Australia’s largest convention centres.
  • Multi-day programs of conference, symposia and presentations from specialist convenors, subject matter experts and thought-leaders.
  • Formal business 2 business and official delegation engagement programs.
  • Free attendance for Trade Visitors.


Avalon Australian International Airshow
Airshows Downunder Shellharbour

Airshows are the driving force behind the creation of AMDA and our passion for sharing the wonders of Australian aviation continues to this day. AMDA’s airshows include:

While offering pure entertainment and the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the latest military and civil aircraft, AMDA’s airshows also help introduce the Australian public to the industry behind these technological wonders and promote the contribution aviation makes to the nation’s defence, economy and social utility.

Furthermore, AMDA aims to inspire to the next generation of contributors to Australian aerospace, science technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) via Careers and Skills initiatives.