AMDA’s objects are to promote the development of Australian industry, manufacturing, technology, resources and capability in the fields of aerospace, aviation, maritime, defence and security.

The organisation is a national not-for-profit, apolitical and non-advocacy foundation, pursuing its mission through the conduct or facilitation of showcases, exhibitions, conferences, forums, shows, events, awards, activities and programs.

In pursuit of its activities, AMDA conscientiously supports and collaborates with the Department of Defence and other government agencies, industry associations and not-for-profit organisations pursuing similar industry promotion objectives.

In its relationships with other not-for-profit industry promotion organisations, AMDA seeks to support and encourage, to supplement rather than supplant, to collaborate rather than compete.

The organisation:

  • Maintains strict political neutrality, represents no membership constituency, and is not issues based;
  • Strives to optimise access, engagement and interaction for the participants in its events in the interest of promoting the development of Australia’s capabilities and resources;
  • Seeks to maximise affordability for delegates and attendees and, therefore, efficacy for stakeholders, supporters, exhibitors and participants.

The organisation’s board comprises former Chiefs of Army, Navy and Air Force, as well as distinguished figures in Australian aviation, industry and government service. Apart from the Chief Executive, the board is non-executive and unremunerated.

AMDA takes Australia to the World by bringing the World to Australia.